Management Commitee

List of Members of The SMC





1. Sh. B.S Chambial Chairman M.A. B.Ed.
2. Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma Vice-Chairman M.Sc. B.Ed.
3. Mrs. Neha HOS M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Phil.
4. Mr.N.K Sharma Parent Member M.A. B.Ed.
5. Mrs. Sanjana Parent Member M.A.
6. Mrs. Banu Teacher Member B.Sc. B.Ed.
7. Mrs. Bindu Teacher Member M.A. B.Ed.
8. Mr. Sujan Nominated Other Persons (Teacher Educationist) M.A. B.Ed.
9. Mrs. Kishori Jha Nominated Other Persons (Teacher Educationist) M.A. B.Ed.
10. Mr. Satish Member BAMS
11. Mr. Vijay Member B.A.
12. Mrs. Gurvinder Member M.A. M.Ed.
13. Mr. Gurmeet Member M.Sc. B.Ed.
14. Mrs. Alka Member B.A.
15. Miss. Shivani Member B.Tech.
16. Mr. Vikrant Member B.Tech
17. Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta Board’s Nominee M .A B.Ed

This is to certify that the above mentioned members are in the School Managing Committee of Himalayan International School Fatehpur, and Teh. Fatehpur, Distt. Kangra and their tenure, other than the Society’s representative is of three years in normal circumstances. This is further declared that no member has any blood relation with one another.